How Does Ode Help You?

Creators now have a readily scalable tool through which to get data analytics, close brand partnerships, and amplify their monetization streams

Digital Analytics

Get real-time metrics on listener behavior and ad conversion rates packaged in a streamlined dashboard

New Brand Partnerships

Access CPM rates for similar content creators and sign up for new and better targeted brand partnerships

Amplify Monetization

Fuel your podcast’s monetization engine by listing promo codes and encouraging listeners to shop online

How does Ode work?

Provide us with your promo codes and we’ll make sure that your listeners have them at their fingertips as they shop online with the Ode Extension

You provide your current promo codes

Please share your email below and Ode will get back to you with your personal promo code form

We place your codes at check-out

Listeners can find and apply your codes at checkout – leading to higher conversion rates, more listener savings, and better ad attribution.

How can Ode impact your Podcast?

Creators can leverage our data and insights to convert listeners into new consumers more efficiently than ever before

High Quality Listener Data

Target your specific listener demographics and form new brand partnerships with real-time data

Real-time Conversion Statistics

Leverage the Ode creator dashboard to get instantaneous updates as customers check out using your podcast’s promo codes

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Ode Helps Creators Flourish

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